Data Collection Apps

Your students already use their phones in class. Studies show that students in statistics classes are more engaged when they're using data that means something to them. College-aged kids love playing games. Our apps and integrated website provide a way for your students to

  • use their phone in class to
  • play games that
  • yields data for use in your statistics class that's generated by the students!

Live Histograms, Hypothesis Tests, Data Download

Our integrated website allows you to open your own "rooms" that consist of specific data-collection games so that after data is collected, histograms, hypothesis tests, and other statistical results can be performed immediately on our site. As an alternative, you can download your data in CSV, MINITAB, or other popular formats so that you and your students can use industry-specific programs to "crunch" the numbers.

About Us

Classroom Stats was conceived by Adam Childers while teaching at Roanoke College; together with Phil Wright, a software engineer, and David Taylor, a fellow educator and founder of, we aim to bring data collection and expression apps to the marketplace for education at low or zero cost.